Monday, July 25, 2005

Unshelling the hermit in me

It's amazing how good I feel when I have been beading. I am energized for everything. It both enhances and interrupts my sleep! It's just an all around good feeling to be creative again. I have several ideas in my head and am working on getting them out and real. I'm getting back in the mood to be around people! What's up with that? A shopping trip with my brother for a couple hours of companionship that I feed on, broke part of the hermit shell. The hermit mode I was in was further broken Saturday. An unplanned visit with a friend brought me out of a planned hermit day - it was going to be all 3 Harry Potter movies - junk food and iced tea. No people allowed! Just Dogs! But the request came and though I REALLY didn’t feel like going out, I needed to and I did.

And then poured the beads. Two new rings in basically two days. Possible kit in the makings and revenue from creativity! Imagine that!!! Who came up with that idea? It's much more fun to have $$ to spend on beads and the bills. I am planning another vacation soon. This one will further remove the hermit shell and re-energize me with beading ideas. This has been a good year for ideas on trips.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

No more Gloom and Doom!!!

Well I haven't written here for a while... Haven't had much to write about, mostly due to a pinched nerve in my back, that and feeding off negativity from people in my life. I try to be optimistic, it's my nature. While I have friends and family who are pessimists - my glass has been half full a good percentage of my life. I do have a temper but I seldom stay mad long. It takes too much energy to be angry all the time or to hold a grudge.

People don't realize that when someone asks you how you are, they don't want a run down of all your problems. They want something positive. If your life sucks, think about why and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! No one wants to hear all your aches and pains and complaints. Even the people who tell you they don't want you to feel sorry for them... they do too! Or they wouldn't be telling you all their troubles! My new motto is "You get from life what you put into it" (it's my old motto too) Horrible thing is that when I'm around people with complaints, I find that it's contagious! I find that I end up listing mine back to them! The less you think about your problems, the less they run your life!

So, I am coming out of my personal gloom and I have many beady ideas in my head soon to be reality IF they work! LOL I got to go to my fave bead show last weekend. It hardly seems like it was only a week ago... Now I'm beading and ordering beads. Kits have taken off to my shock and delight! So I have funds to order beads to make more new kits! The bead show was mostly fun and it has given me perspective on some parts of my life. ALL those beads!!!! And beady things!!! I got a bunch of size 11's and a few size 15's. A new pair of pliers with purple handles. But mostly I wished I was teaching the whole time. Seeing all of those student badges... *sigh* It’s funny how you are where you are because you are supposed to be, even when you don't know it. Knowing it gives you the lessons you are meant to learn from that and I did that on this trip. I met a couple beady internet friends which was very cool and I decided that I am going to teach beading where ever I can! All those students taking classes and none of them mine! Say it isn't so! I will also NEVER be anyone's punching bag - literally or figuratively. And that life is too short to deal with other people's baggage. You got baggage? That is YOUR PROBLEM! I end up being the venting board for several people in my life. Some I feel sympathy for and some I don't. It's wasted energy being sympathetic to someone who won't do anything to change their situation. Others just have a crappy situation that they are working to get out of - them I will listen to anytime because it's not all gloom and doom!

I saw so many really cool things at the bead show - mostly on other people! I'm going to post pictures of some of the pieces in the competition when I get time. I got the new Harry Potter book and it takes up all my down time! Back to the beads people! BEAD ON!