Monday, February 19, 2007

Out of the funk

When you admit that someone did something that popped you into a bad place for 3 weeks, are you giving him or her power? Or are you taking the power back? I think it's the latter. I got into the funk by doing something helpful for a friend and it turned out not to have been so helpful but the way I was made aware of it was in a manner that shows extreme bad behavior and was meant to humiliate me and beat me down. All that needed to be said was – you didn't do the work I thought you would do, so we won't be having you do it anymore. It’s simple and anyone who knows how to deal with people would know that. The dressing down was done in front of others in a further attempt to humiliate me but only ended up making this person look just awful. It was also asked of me that I was a still friend… How can you stay friends with a person you no longer trust? I of course in order to have the talking stop, gave an affirmative answer. So I pretty much think that any friendship left with this person to be a lie, whether he or she knows it or not.

On a happier note, I have had the nicest weekend and now am trudging out of the funk to start creating again. I am stealing the happiness I got this weekend to make other parts of my life happier. I am sure the person responsible for the happiness would approve. Of course he would because he loves me. I am gathering other happinesses from contacts with other people who do what I do. Other people, who love beads and happen to make some money back from that love. I have come to realize that the way I do "it" is not the same for everyone. I love beading and my creativity comes from inside me. I dream things that end up becoming reality in beads. If tomorrow everyone stopped buying patterns and kits, I would still bead. I bead because I love it and that I can sell things to make some money back is a good thing. It does not mean that everything I make is something I want to see mass produced by the beading public at large. There are pieces of mine that I wear on a regular basis and I will not part with them even for short periods of time. I recently decided to retire a couple kits and I can't wait to get those samples back because I really miss them. I miss wearing them. I miss being able to hold them and look at them. It's all a joke really – I couldn’t have created things that anyone else would want… could I? Well I apparently do but it’s still all a miracle to me every time I complete something like that. That I am friendly with people who are far more creative than I am at times helps the whole picture happen. If I’m down or confused, I have a small list of people that can help me get on track again. Even give me a swift kick in the butt when needed.

So fake friends or friends who loose it and make me the target, I don't need but I have real friends in my life and they are more than enough for me!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tucson '07

Well Tucson 07 was a BLAST!
I got to see my sweetie when I got there and it made the awful 2nd day bearable.
I got to see people I haven't seen in ages!
I met a few people I had known on line for eons and we liked each other in person too!
I worked the bead show and loved the people I met!
I got to stay with a friend, so I could completely unwind after the show each day.
I was enslaved to a kitty who isn't generally friendly to strangers!
I got to see lots of lovely beadwork walking passed me each day!
This trip was a total success!!!
Its going to be a VERY beady year!!!