Friday, October 23, 2009


Well all the best intentions don't always give you the result you strive for. With all the probate things to be done, and some beading for at least one holiday craft show... I am realizing I might have bitten off more than I can chew thinking I can do a project a week from a book a week. This isn't saying I'm going to give up but I'm going to lighten up on the rules for myself. I am in the middle of VERY involved beaded beads right now. When I get them done, I will post about them but I have 2 customer orders to get beaded right now. Orders always come first. Glad to have them. I do have to swap a beaded bead swap and if I can't come up with a set of beads in the next few days after I get the orders beaded - a week from today - I will swap without a contribution.

This whole week has been odd. Monday night I didn't get much if any sleep at all. I napped on Tuesday and slept fine Tuesday night. Wed I was sleep drunk (as one friend put it) I had slept too much in 24 hours. I wasn't normal till Thursday and I spent that day busy with errands and then a class that night. Friday I finally got some house chores done and calmed down a little. Maybe I will bead tonight. :-) Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WEEK 5: Progress

Well it's coming along but I'm thinking it's not going to be done by Sunday... but maybe :-)

I finished the base tube for the big bead and it's HUGE so the beaded bead is also going to be large. I will make 4 of the smaller beads in this project to complete my set for my beaded bead swap.

Here is the first outside "bump" I have 4 bumps done so far, I will show you once I get the row of bumps done.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Week 5: New beginings.... or so I thought

Well I headed to the San Francisco area for the weekend. We buried my mom's ashes Saturday. I packed beads to go with me. I was going to be there 3 nights so I would have lots of beading time, right? Well the project for this week is another beaded bead. I started making it in class on Thrusday night. It's in the brand new book "Seed Bead Susion" by Rachael Nelson-Smith. It's a lovely book and I didn't notice a single Delica in it! LOL!!!
She has a set of beaded beads that I'm attempting. They look amazing in the book so I'm crossing my fingers! I left the beads in the car after class Thursday night. I was leaving the next morning, so why drag them out and back into the car again. I did take my file box of my own turotials for classes out though. I have the base of the bigger bead done. So how much beading did I get done? NONE! why? because I didn't bring the book. I stuck it in the file box after class and didn't remember the next morning... So I will try to get something done tonight and post some pics of the progress tomorrow.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week 3/4

Well the project in week 3 crashed and burned and so did all my own attempts at a beaded bead. I'm in the SF area taking care of things with my mom's ashes. I don't have wifi where I'm staying right now, so I can't send any pics of what I'm working on but I got a brand new book and am working on the beaded bead in it right now. It has 2 different beads I will be making, so I will do progress on them as soon as I get back to Wifi at home.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Week Three: Failure

It didn't work.

I had the right size core bead and the right size seed beads and it simply did not work. Even decreasing a bunch did not help. The netting was just too sloppy and after backing out and going forward only to back out again, I give up! It does however have me entertaining other ideas for this beaded bead using a 14mm core bead and size 15 seed beads over that. So Week four is going to be the exploration of what happens when the project I picked simply did not work.

I'm gonna start on that as soon as I finish the tassels on a lariat.

I am keeping the color I think though. It needs to be snug before I can embellish it.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

WEEK 3: progress report

Well the netting over the hard to find 14mm bead had to be adjusted twice, so it took a bit to get a netted cover that I could be happy with the fit. Once I got there, I began adding the copper metal beads in 3 & 4mm round beads. I am not happy with them at all so I headed to the bead shop and found copper fire polish in 3 and 4mm so I will give them a try in the morning.