Thursday, June 11, 2015

Happily Beading Through My life

So I have neglected this blog horribly. This time my absence is not due to bead block like is usually is… like the topic of my last post… in 2013. It’s actually quite the opposite but where do I begin. I’m going to try to do this one a week. I am going to focus on what I’ve been doing until I’m caught up to the present and then I will try to make sure I don’t forget this blog. I now work at The Beadman in Redding, CA. I spend my days at work, stocking seed beads and ordering things for the store. This is quite possibly the best time of my life. My body aches but my soul smiles so much I almost don’t notice that so much. I have beads and color all around me all day. Then there are the customers. I love the customers but I especially love when I get to connect with other seed beaders. Not only do I have the coolest place to buy beads and teach beading, but I am also there a couple days a week working. Since I have been working there, I have come up with some of my coolest designs. A friend also contributed to my burst of creativity by sending me all of her delica beads. I had never been friends with those little cylinder beads. Another friend had taught me the basic triangle so that is where I started playing. My first triangle design is one of my most popular patterns.

And now I’m in love with these little cylinder beads….. I went Triangle CRAZY!!!!
on Etsy







I’m pretty happy with the things I have been making triangles…  I have several more in the works including a hummingbird triangle.
Happily beading my way through my life.  I hope you are too!