Thursday, October 11, 2007

Talents that are not shared are not talents

"Talents that are not shared are not talents."

Got that in a fortune cookie at lunch today, and boy is there much said in that small statement. What immediately comes to mind for me are the designers out there that think they have complete control over their designs once they make directions or patterns and put them out there for sale or in classes. They let you take their over priced class and then tell you that you can only make one or that you can make 3 but you can't sell them. They think of ways to stop you from sharing directions in many ways from plastering each page with copyright info to having you jump through hoops just to get the dumb thing making them inaccessible to many people.

Also, I asked the copyright office and they sid that you can rightfully sell anything you own as long as it is not trademarked. But in truth, even things that are trademarked - made legally, can be sold second hand, so in reality, you can sell anything you own out right.

I'm tickled pink to think that anything I have designed could be sellable.

I love to think that they will sell them and spend more money on beads and patterns, preferably mine! LOL

So I'm sticking with the fortune of the day. The only real talents are those that are shared with others!