Wednesday, August 31, 2005


So I get my 10 inches done... only to find I did it all WRONG! No wonder it wouldn't assemble the way the book said... Doh! Just goes to show that occasionally too much beading experience hinders you from actually READING the directions - ALL of the directions and not thinking you know what she meant... Oh well - back to the beginning and I have about 3 inches done the right way this time. *sigh* Not the first time and not the last. I did however have a new beader here beading when I had to cut up that 10 inches, so it showed her that 14 years beading and I still screw up enough to have to scrap the whole thing and start over. Not entirely a bad thing :-)

The weather is cooler yesterday and today but I think that tomorrow it will be hotter again. I was just not meant to stay where it's this hot! I think 80 is hot enough and I don't need it to be any hotter. I love thick blankets - hot soup - hot tea - hot showers... all things that can get me warmer but there is really nothing that I can just do to make me cool enough.

Back to the beads!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Lazy Days

Lazy days... I will tell ya that right now I have the energy of a slug! Another sort of a vacation and I have no ambition at all! It's a stay at home sort - no one here but the dog and I should be getting all sorts of work done but so far nope! I have a project in the works... a beaded rose. I will tell you that the base of that rose is the most boring thing to me right now - 10 inches of modified flat peyote. Ordinarily this would be a cinch but this time it is as slow as slow can be getting there. I seem to measure every 1/4 inch thinking I am so much closer to my goal, but not yet. The book is fantastic - it's The Beaded Garden by Diane Fitzgerald. A book full of flowery goodies and I picked this as my first project. Boy was that a mistake. I could have picked a nice purple pansy but no, a Rose! I HAD to make this darned Rose! And still it sits there. I did pick up 3 beady magazines today and I have not peeked at them yet but they have only been here a couple hours.

So I have had what will end up being 3 vacations this summer and the 3rd should have been productive and I have 5 days left to make that happen

We shall see!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Warning - Rambling post.....

Well goodness... Love is the best drug there is huh? 23 years and I still feel this good when I am going to spend time with him. Not too much to complain about huh? I'm headed on another vacation! 2 weeks in LA with people that re-energize me. (and much cooler weather...) I got a cool new bead book - The Beaded Garden - and I'm not taking it nor any beads with me... I take them but never have time to play with them, so I'm not gonna this time. The book is wonderful though and I will make many of the projects in it I think.

Beads have been everywhere for me the last week or so though. Even little things like scanning a beady article for a friend or seeing beaded clothes at the store. I have been making these really cool crystal bracelets. Made one in Crystal AB

then I had to make a purple one :-) Lilac Swar - Sparkle Sparkle!!! I'm wearing that one. The crystal one is a little dressier than I wear on a daily basis. Pretty though. There is a prospective beady student when I get back. I will see a couple beady friends when I am in LA if I get time. Spending time with people I love and getting a little break.... ahhhhh what a life!

I have been spending time with my nephew and his new wife. She had a little boy when they got together and I can see all kinds of great changes in him since they got married. Both the stability of 2 parents and him maturing into a pleasant little boy have to do with that. Fun and sun and family - a very nice summer indeed this year!

I have concluded once again that life is what you make of it. Got Lemons? Make Lemonade! No one is going to pick you up - you have to get up off your ass and make the first move yourself! The rest will follow if you keep a positive outlook.

I have to go have more fun now!