Saturday, August 06, 2005

Warning - Rambling post.....

Well goodness... Love is the best drug there is huh? 23 years and I still feel this good when I am going to spend time with him. Not too much to complain about huh? I'm headed on another vacation! 2 weeks in LA with people that re-energize me. (and much cooler weather...) I got a cool new bead book - The Beaded Garden - and I'm not taking it nor any beads with me... I take them but never have time to play with them, so I'm not gonna this time. The book is wonderful though and I will make many of the projects in it I think.

Beads have been everywhere for me the last week or so though. Even little things like scanning a beady article for a friend or seeing beaded clothes at the store. I have been making these really cool crystal bracelets. Made one in Crystal AB

then I had to make a purple one :-) Lilac Swar - Sparkle Sparkle!!! I'm wearing that one. The crystal one is a little dressier than I wear on a daily basis. Pretty though. There is a prospective beady student when I get back. I will see a couple beady friends when I am in LA if I get time. Spending time with people I love and getting a little break.... ahhhhh what a life!

I have been spending time with my nephew and his new wife. She had a little boy when they got together and I can see all kinds of great changes in him since they got married. Both the stability of 2 parents and him maturing into a pleasant little boy have to do with that. Fun and sun and family - a very nice summer indeed this year!

I have concluded once again that life is what you make of it. Got Lemons? Make Lemonade! No one is going to pick you up - you have to get up off your ass and make the first move yourself! The rest will follow if you keep a positive outlook.

I have to go have more fun now!

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