Monday, March 25, 2013

Dodged Bead Block for sure!

A month or so ago, I was afraid I was entering a bead block...  non-beaders won't understand this but for a beader, it's critical.

Then I had someone comment that there was nothing new in the class display case, so I played the next day and came up with a new beginner bracelet & earrings.
Then I got pulled out the cabochons. I have a container of them - it weighs a ton and none of them beaded - just nekkid waiting to be played with. So I came up with a netting formula that worked on round and oval cabocons:
And then I peyoted around one of my decal cabs:
I will be doing a few craft shows, so I had to start playing with some earrings, and got the tila beads and the rivoli's out and came up with this new design:
Then I made a bracelet and decided I needed one for me too!
So then I decided to finish a couple unfinished bead projects today: 
An Elegant Netted Collar - tutorial in my Etsy Shop.

And a triple Helix in tanzanite & lime green!  
I think I have averted the dreaded bead block!  WHEW!