Thursday, January 14, 2010

Killing the creativity...

Ya know I was talking to a friend today and we got onto the topic of the ugliness of the who copied what from whom crap in the beading community. I'm quite certain it's in all of the other arts and crafts genera's too. She said that she doesn't bead because of all of the ugliness. I have to agree that the ugliness has one beader I know that doesn't get the magazines anymore because fear of people claiming that her creations were *GASP* stolen from one of them.

After having the losses I had last year, I have decided that 2010 is the year of I don't give a crap about all that crap!

I refuse to let the garbage on the internet beading communities get to me this year. One by one I will leave any list that has that sort of petty crap on it.

NOTHING beaded out there is not dirivative of something else. The stitches, the shapes, and the colors are something we ALL have a right to work with and play with.

If I'm inspired by a flower in my neighbor's garden, do I need to get permission to make a beaded necklace in the colors I got from her garden? Am I stealing? So in the same idea, if I see something in a book and it inspires me to go in a different direction than I'm going in right now, am I stealing? NOPE! I'm inspired.

So out with the CRAP and in with creativity and inspiration!!!

2010 has to be better than 2009 but it isn't gonna have to try very hard!