Saturday, February 18, 2006


I just had a wow moment... in an otherwise uneventful day.

sort of surfing around today - cleaning out my Kim Kommando newsletters in my INBOX

I got a site of the day for

Cool wallpaper site. First on I put was fireworks.... I guess I should explain the way I like wallapaper. Generally something cool in the middle and lots of darkness framing the outside edges. I keep the middle clean and all the shortcuts are all around the center. I'm wierd. I know it - no biggie.

So I put fireworks up - I love fireworks but this particular picture is veyr much on the red side - the warm colors. So I look at it but am not thrilled, like I should have been. I keep looking and then I see a rosette nebula... blues and purples.... veyr appealing. I get it and the second I put it on the desktop I crack an automatic smile.

It's all about the comfort zone in life isn't it?

What makes you comfy, makes you happy.

ahhhhhhhhhhhh :-D

and I guess that's a wow for me right now.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Sunday

spent watching chick flick with SO, no football at all... Since I don't like sports, it's pretty important that he not be very into them either. Life is good sometimes!

I have several beady projects to work on when he goes to keep from thinking about him not being here.

Lots of beady things in my future.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday to all who don't play second fiiddle to sports.