Saturday, February 18, 2006


I just had a wow moment... in an otherwise uneventful day.

sort of surfing around today - cleaning out my Kim Kommando newsletters in my INBOX

I got a site of the day for

Cool wallpaper site. First on I put was fireworks.... I guess I should explain the way I like wallapaper. Generally something cool in the middle and lots of darkness framing the outside edges. I keep the middle clean and all the shortcuts are all around the center. I'm wierd. I know it - no biggie.

So I put fireworks up - I love fireworks but this particular picture is veyr much on the red side - the warm colors. So I look at it but am not thrilled, like I should have been. I keep looking and then I see a rosette nebula... blues and purples.... veyr appealing. I get it and the second I put it on the desktop I crack an automatic smile.

It's all about the comfort zone in life isn't it?

What makes you comfy, makes you happy.

ahhhhhhhhhhhh :-D

and I guess that's a wow for me right now.

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