Sunday, August 28, 2005

Lazy Days

Lazy days... I will tell ya that right now I have the energy of a slug! Another sort of a vacation and I have no ambition at all! It's a stay at home sort - no one here but the dog and I should be getting all sorts of work done but so far nope! I have a project in the works... a beaded rose. I will tell you that the base of that rose is the most boring thing to me right now - 10 inches of modified flat peyote. Ordinarily this would be a cinch but this time it is as slow as slow can be getting there. I seem to measure every 1/4 inch thinking I am so much closer to my goal, but not yet. The book is fantastic - it's The Beaded Garden by Diane Fitzgerald. A book full of flowery goodies and I picked this as my first project. Boy was that a mistake. I could have picked a nice purple pansy but no, a Rose! I HAD to make this darned Rose! And still it sits there. I did pick up 3 beady magazines today and I have not peeked at them yet but they have only been here a couple hours.

So I have had what will end up being 3 vacations this summer and the 3rd should have been productive and I have 5 days left to make that happen

We shall see!

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