Sunday, October 04, 2009

Week Three: Failure

It didn't work.

I had the right size core bead and the right size seed beads and it simply did not work. Even decreasing a bunch did not help. The netting was just too sloppy and after backing out and going forward only to back out again, I give up! It does however have me entertaining other ideas for this beaded bead using a 14mm core bead and size 15 seed beads over that. So Week four is going to be the exploration of what happens when the project I picked simply did not work.

I'm gonna start on that as soon as I finish the tassels on a lariat.

I am keeping the color I think though. It needs to be snug before I can embellish it.


MaryAline said...

14mm beads and 15s ... try Cathy Lampole's beaded beads on the cover of October's B&B mag.

Pamy said...

Thanks for the idea but the blog project is books not magazines(not yet anyway) It probably uses delicas which I do not use at all.