Monday, October 12, 2009

Week 5: New beginings.... or so I thought

Well I headed to the San Francisco area for the weekend. We buried my mom's ashes Saturday. I packed beads to go with me. I was going to be there 3 nights so I would have lots of beading time, right? Well the project for this week is another beaded bead. I started making it in class on Thrusday night. It's in the brand new book "Seed Bead Susion" by Rachael Nelson-Smith. It's a lovely book and I didn't notice a single Delica in it! LOL!!!
She has a set of beaded beads that I'm attempting. They look amazing in the book so I'm crossing my fingers! I left the beads in the car after class Thursday night. I was leaving the next morning, so why drag them out and back into the car again. I did take my file box of my own turotials for classes out though. I have the base of the bigger bead done. So how much beading did I get done? NONE! why? because I didn't bring the book. I stuck it in the file box after class and didn't remember the next morning... So I will try to get something done tonight and post some pics of the progress tomorrow.


Carol said...

I hate it when that happens! (Trite but true phrase.) No matter how well you think you are prepared, you have forgotten something.

Marilu said...

I have this book and ist superrr!!!

BeadKnitter said...

Ah yes. The Swiss cheese brain. I have one of those. Keep at it Pamy. Don't let it win!