Friday, April 29, 2005

Beady Travel

Well this has been a very beady year in travel for me. It started with Hawaii and then Tucson and then to Lincoln to spend 2 beady weeks with a beady friend who has claimed me for her very own bead slave. The trip was delayed due to snow in Denver - 3 1/2 hours of waiting in line at LAX and I was re-scheduled through Chicago! I was not going through Denver again!!! She is a bead shop owner and I got to come home with tons of beady goodies. Worked a bead show with her in Omaha NE and that was a total blast too! Got to teach a class - my real love - two times while I was there. Once for students in her shop and the second time for the local bead society. I just love being around other beaders. They energize me. I got lots of great inspiration while I was there too. I came back to CA to work the bead show in Los Angeles and now I am about to spend a weekend in San Francisco with my sweetie. I am sure there will be beads somewhere along the way there. Beady Travel is the best!

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