Wednesday, December 28, 2005

To Do (And Don't) List For 2006

1) Bead more.
2) Keep some people close and others farther away.
3) Don't mix business with friendships - no matter how hard I have tried; it always bites me in the ass. The friends can't seem to keep the 2 separate. Business things are on their own and the friendship should be a totally separate thing.
4) Try harder.
5) Take better care of me.
6) Make sure the people who really mean something to me know it.
7) Be careful who I trust with my feelings, because they could just get thrown back in my face.
8) Don't suffer fools lightly.
9) Explore my bead dreams and make them come to life.
10) Know my mind and don't let others crush my spirit.
11) Don't let others bad moods effect me.
12) Love the ones who need it most.

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