Monday, March 17, 2008

Needling the Thread

There are a few things that I have noticed universal across the board with most beaders and one of them is how we thread that blasted needle. You have thread that is fine and soft. If it's Nymo, it's like blasted dental floss only thinner... So threading a beading needle - which is also fine and has the thinnest of eyes - is a task for the new beader. Many a time have I told my students that I will thread anything they need in class to save on time because when you are new at it, you can literally spend 5-10 min trying to get that baby threaded. But what I do isn't special; it's pretty much what all beaders do. We needle the thread instead of threading the needle. This means that you hold a tiny bit of thread sticking out between your thumb and forefinger then lay the eye of the needle onto that tip of thread - hoping and praying to get it on at least the 2nd try!

So the question right now is - can anyone own that method? Just because you make a tutorial - you can copyright the text but can you take credit for the process? I certainly didn't invent it and I have seen many, many beaders do it and instructors teach it. Can one person really think so much of themselves that they own how to thread a needle?

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