Sunday, July 29, 2012

Eyeballs EVERYWHERE!!!!

More Catching up.... 

this time it's all about eyeballs...   

A couple years ago I went to a bead shop on a vacation and found these cool eyeball cabochons. 

They came in Bermuda Blue blue/purple and Vitrail Medium green/gold/pink

I bought a couple - not cheap either - and played and I made the first pair:

I wore them for a year or so and gave them to a friend who admired them.

Then I made a pair for a gift:

Then this year, I started making stuff to sell so I broke out a pair of green/gold/pink eyeballs....

and I made these:

They sold right away... 
The crystals make them very much the last thing you notice. 
I choose a crystal with colors and the eyeballs golded up almost hazel.

Another Blue pair:

GROOVY - ridges of purple and blue

Sold about 2 weeks after I made them
need crystals to sell right away apparently

Then the next green pair was ALL GREEN:

These two got snatched up - so I guess I should make up a couple more pair. :-) 
ALL will have crystals from now on I think.

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