Saturday, August 25, 2012

Catching up and current projects

Survived the fire up here.  Working on replacing the food I lost a little at a time.

I have tackled and won a battle to learn double St Petersberg chain.  It makes a lovely flat bracelet.

Last weekend I was at a horse sanctuary that was having an open house about 20 miles south  of me and 40 miles east and then south of Redding.

It was really nice but there was a fire starting north and east of us.  I checked to make sure that it didn't involve out way out and kept an eye on it on the 45 minute drive back to Redding.

And at the time we had no idea that a week later,  it would grow to burn at 74% containment 27,000+ acres, they say there is a half million feet of fire hose on the ground and that 64 homes would burn down.

On the way home in the rear view mirror I watched it get bigger and bigger so that there was no blue sky that direction, only gray/black smoke.

Then this week, a gal at the cafe up here asked me to make her native american name in a bracelet with the yellow - orange - red - burgandy blend with matte black for the letters.  I love having Beadscape at my disposal, because the pattern didn't take any real amount of time:

It's going slow but steady:

I'm just glad to be beading.  I'm about to start laying my rows out, my eyes are getting tired of looking at the chart.

Happy Beading!

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