Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Lower Pattern Prices in my Etsy Shop

So I got to thinking about the prices I put on my tutorials.  You can buy a whole book of patterns for the prices I see out there for a single patten.  As a beader myself, I just can't see that.  When I make a tutorial, I make it long and drawn out with diagrams and text as well as photographs.  I have started stretching out my tutorials, putting a nice cover with a large photo of the finished item and making the diagrams larger.  And then I decided to LOWER ALL MY PRICES.  If I have say 10-20 hours designing the piece and then 5-10 hours into the tutorial and I price it so high no one can afford it - I'm not making ANYTHING.  BUT the time already being spent and the ability to send the end product, the tutorial, many many times, I am pricing them to SELL.

And I have devised something called the Pattern Grab - $12 worth of my patterns for $10 or $15 for $13

New Lower Prices so you can afford the beads to make them up with!  What a concept!

Happy Beading everyone!

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