Thursday, May 19, 2005

Drawing Lines

Where do you draw the line? So you go surfing on the beading sites and you see a piece you really like. You can see how to make it from the picture posted. Is it okay to make it? It sure is! There are not many people in ANY craft or skill that would not do the same if in a similar position. I'm not talking for sale or to teach others but for yourself? Yep - you can have a clean consience and make it on up. Like anyone would pay for a class or buy a book to make something they can make without the class or the book. Anyone who would, needs to get honest. It would just be silly unless you collect the books and want all of them - which I completely understand but to buy a book specifically for the purpose of getting directions for a piece you can figure out on your own? I doubt it.

I am in such a mood today. Pissed off at people who butt their noses where they simply don't belong. There are times when I simply need to be completely ALONE! and I have that right now, so I will write later. Gotta enjoy the peace!

PS even more maddening..... Weekend project is one from Emily who was the guide YEARS ago. Re-enforcing that the current guide hasn't got any bead design talent at all.

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