Friday, June 03, 2005

Yard Sale of the Century!

In the paper today:
Garage & Yard Sales - C2-BEADS Tubed, Strands, Loose, Crystals, Misc. Fri, Sat. 9-1. 1/2 mi off Lake. 2922 Quartz Hill. Cash, MC, or Visa

Can you even believe how thrilled I was when a friend told me about this one???? a BEADY YARD SALE??? and it was wonderful... but then I was the first customer - got there about 8:15.... Early magpie gets the sparkly stuff! I knew the lady who had it and had a nice time catching up with her on my 2 visits to the yard sale... well when I got home I realized that I had 2 colors of wolf charm. I can't make earrings for my neice with one silver and one copper can I? So I just HAD to go back and get another of each so I had matching pairs! I got Japanese 15's and 11's and Czech glass on strands! :-) Was way better than a visit to one of the 2 sucky bead shops in the area.... both over priced and one ripped me off when I taught there - so I won't darken her doorstep again! What a way to start a wonderfully beady weekend. Tomorrow I go demo beadwork at a mountain man type of event. Should be a blast! I will come home sunburned and happy.

What more can a bead addict ask for?

Next week all work and no play so I am gearing up!

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