Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Wait for all the info......

Bead thread is such a debated issue - Nymo - Silamide - Power Pro - Fireline. Which to use when and how to deal with the drawbacks of each one of them. We all have our faves for individual reasons.

Nymo - is for when I have many passes or tiny holes.

Silamide - I was a nymo or nothing gal till Shala made me try Silamide again. Then I fell in love with the twisted thread that came in many more colors. My trick to threading Silamide is using my flat jawed pliers and making the end flat before threading the needle.

Power Pro/Fireline - for when I need extra strength or am using beads that can cut thread.

Then came this new Superlon and C-lon. While in Nebraska in April, I was introduced to them and told that they were the same thread. I then saw another blog about it and heard that superlon was inferior to C-lon. Also many other beaders loved one and hated the other - even making public statements to that effect. Today I was informed that they are one in the same - from the very same manufacturer only sold under 2 names. The first clue was the exact same number of colors and the exact same 36 names. Then it came in the same sizes. Would have been enough to get most people to come to the same conclusion - IF they had all the info to make an educated conclusion with.

Needles have the same bunch of preferences. There are English needles - Pony Needles and my fave - Japanese needles! I much prefer them because they don't become a bent piece of modern art when I am working with them. They are thicker, so there are times when they don't work well but I have now found 2 different manufacturers (different needle sizes and lengths, so I'm pretty sure they are 2 different ones! LOL) The newer one to me has a much thinner needle that will help with the times when I need a thinner one. I also prefer longer needles.... I have no clue why but it's part of my style of beading. I set things up just so when I bead. As I have said before - I bead for happy. I put the beads in triangle trays - on a plate or tray. I do my beading and when I'm done, I use a funnel to put them away. I HATE mixed beads! That and most plastic beads make me itch!

I guess I have my own specific things I need to bead with and goodness knows that I have lots of opinions! But I would hope that I would get all the info on a new product before I would make any public criticisms of it.

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