Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bring accurate isn't about being right

Something that gets confused often is accuracy vs never being told you are wrong. I personally have no problem being told I'm wrong IF the info is accurate. I would much rather have accurate info out there than to see people making choices based on opinions rather than facts. In the last month or so, I have come to realize that I am a fact addict. Being a beading designer and instructor, I hate to see inaccurate information out in the bead world.

  • I hate it when Japanese size 15 seed bead gets called a size 14. When they are made in Japan, they are sized as a 15. They got called size 14 initially because of the Czech seed beads being popular in a size 14. They did it for marketing but when others tell beaders not to buy one because it won' go with the other is a bunch of hooey!
  • I also hate it when people tell others that a little clear Krylon spray will make a galvanized bead stable. I have done it and it makes them awful. I just steer my students away from them all together!
  • I hate it when a teacher is so strict as to not let the students learn anything in their comfort zone. Just because the teacher likes English needles, wax and working with short thread doesn't mean his or her students will feel the same way.
  • I hate it when "the copyright police" tell people they can't sell or give away a pattern they bought over the internet. You bought it and once you are done with it, you can do whatever you want with is as long as you don't copy it.
  • I hate that some bead authors out there publish their work and expect other to buy it - whether it be on the internet or a magazine or book and don't allow them to make and sell the designs. I want the people who spend their money on my designs to know that I have no problem with them selling pieces made from them. Please don't mass produce them but make bead money from them!
  • I hate it when people get pissy on the internet and if they are somehow proven wrong, they unsub from the lists and delete things. Why not say - oops - I was wrong - no biggie - that makes me HUMAN just like the rest of the world! Being able to say I am wrong is one of the life lessons I learned from my first office job. My boss could be a jerk but he could also appologise for it. It isn't painful. How mad can someone be at you when you come to them and say you screwed up? Not very!

It's all about putting the accurate info out there and letting the people use their brains and make their own choices. Use the thread you like - use the needles you like - bead on what you like to bead on - wax if you like to wax.

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