Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I am actually on my first vacation that has yet to involve beads. Staying with family and vegging for the most part. This has been a blast! Amusement park! Ren Faire!!! Enjoying the unusually cool summer days. Lots of very mellow music on top of all that.

But the beads keep creeping in....

In my dreams - wherever I am, I see beads! At the mall, the clothes are covered in BEADS! The jewelry is beady! Even the accessories are covered in beads! I saw a biz card case covered in them and if they had not been in colors I don't do.... I would have snatched it up! Makes me want to bead a piece to put on a similar case....

The beads creep in. I have design ideas and I can't wait to get home to try them out!

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