Monday, April 30, 2007

Calm Month of May

That is all I want - a calm month. I want to fill it with beading and creativity. I'm going to get caught up on the beading I need to get done. I'm going to get the designing I have in my head out of my head. I am reading a book about the Power of Nice and I think all people who enter the business world should read this book before they open up a business.

Nice gets you more the books says and it's right. Were we all not told as children "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all"? Didn't Thumper's mom tell him that in the beginning of Bambi? Didn't most of us see that movie as children? or as Adults? Why can't we all just be pleasant and get along?

Which would you rather deal with? Someone who is working very hard trying to explain away their faults? Or someone who says - Gee, I'm sorry I did that and I will try to do better in the future. I have come to realize that it's much simpler to just own up than it is to find excuses to explain bad behavior. If you can't find anything else to do than talk about other people, then you really need to examine your own life and find what is missing from it.

I always tell my students that I bead for HAPPY. I set my beads up a certain way when I bead. I use certain threads and certain needles. I use certain beads. I don't wax my thread. All these things make beading happy for me. It does not mean that everyone needs to bead the way I do. It means that we can all do different things to get to the same type of outcome. I learned from a my way or the highway teacher. You did it her way or you got ignored. I so work hard not to be that way when I teach classes. In fact I'm often fascinated when other beaders can bead from mixed beads! Jealous even. I'm also fascinated when I see beaders use different things than I do. I learn things by observing the ways other beaders get to the end result.

We all share a love of beads. Why the heck can't we all just get along and share the creativity with the rest of the world?

The cattiness and negativity just suck the creativity out of all of us.

It's time to move forward and in a postive direction.

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