Friday, July 18, 2008

Beading from the last week or so...

I finally decided try the new size 15 Delicas. I heard about them back in April 2007 from Miyuki at the Bead Expo in Oakland, CA. I have been a little excited about the new size 15 delicas coming out as I like the tiny beads, so if I'm going to like a delica, it would be the tiny ones.
I bought them from and the service is EXCELLENT!
I designed a new pattern in Beadscape just for the new delicas. I used Miyuki extra fine beading needles and Sonoko Japnese beading thread which is very fine. I started the butterfly and as I neared the first end of it, I had a broken bead - number 202 - pearl white. Odd but I tried to fix that broken bead only to break another bead - number 44 - sliver lined light blue. So I gave up and started beading the same pattern in seed beads and I'm sorry to say, I like the look of the seed beads better. Now I'm used to matte beads being more on the brittle side but neither of these were matte. I did contact Miyuki about the breakage and they recommended a size 12 John James needle with nymo size B. So I will try them again, this time with peyote and make a bracelet. I will work on that next week I think. The earring seems to be about the same height in seed beads as the delicas but it is a little wider. I like the look of the seed beads better but could have to do with more colors that are in my personal pallet being available in seed beads. There isn't yet a vibrant purple or a bright pink available in the new size 15 delicas. Maybe time will tell.

I designed a new Rivoli - a Sunshine. A friend said she wanted a sunshine and a sunshine she shall have! I used a crystal 14mm Rivoli and 11 - 3mm Swarovski bicones for the points. I will be working on a tutorial for this one soon. This time it's a pendant not earrings because I think it's a little large. Some people might like it as an earring though. I do like the rivoli's because they are quick to make. It's almost instant gratification having a completed project in less than an hour. I will work on getting a tutorial up for this one this coming week if all goes as planned.

I have a new Swarovski starfish that I need to incorperate into something... I'm thinking either a OMG huge showy necklace or a dream catcher with a under the sea theme. It's summer time, time for fun in the sun and the beach is definately on my list for my vacation in Los Angeles first 2 weeks in August.

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