Saturday, October 11, 2008

Photographic Pet Peeve...

I have another pet peeve... who'd have ever guessed?
When taking a picture of your beadwork - or anything for that matter - you need to make sure it's a good picture. It needs to be in focus and clear. It needs to be large enough to see what you want them to and not so small that they can't tell what it is.
Many of us have digital cameras and most of those have a MACRO setting.

You can pick up a cheap tripod for under $25 - a table top version can be
even cheaper. You should not use your flash for photos of jewelry. Close up, the flash is way too bright. Use good lighting or even better an over cast day is great lighting. I use Reveal Bulbs in my lamps that are where I bead. They are great for lighting photos.
If you have photoshop, you have a couple tools that are simple and easy. Auto Levels does much for me in many cases.

In the IMAGES Menu - Adjustments - AUTO Levels

(yes everything on my computer that can be purple is purple)

You can also play in Brightness and Contrast as well as Hue/Saturation.
So that you don't damage your original photo - SAVE AS - and name it something else. Then play with the settings. You have nothing to loose and think of what you have to gain.
Here is a raw image of a pair of purple earrings - no flash -
reveal light bulbs in the celing fixture - tripod:

And here is one that I only used Auto Levels on:
The 2nd photo is a much better representation of the background and the piece I was taking a photo of.
So keep trying until you get a good photo because a blurry or too small or dark photo will not show off your work, it will show off the flaws of the photo.

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Debra Miller said...

Hi Pamy!

Great mini tutorial! I'm sure many will benefit from it.