Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Versa Loom

I had posted about this elsewhere and hosted the pics on AOL but AOL is taking away the hosting part, so here it will be.

It's everything it promises to be and more! The instructions are very clear and each step caused another "light bulb" moment for me where the info and the task just made total sense and on to the next step I went. Where with other looms, the distance between warp threads can be a problem, it's not here because you use the beads you are looming with at the ends to space them out! Once it was set up, it only took me about an hour - size 8 seed beads to get the bracelet finished. I had a glitch in my pattern - I was 3 rows shy, so you can see - I added 3 rows of black to finish the piece:

Taking it off was fantastic. It called for a seam ripper or a sharp pair of scissors - I had the second and now need to add the seam ripper to my bead tools. Scissors were fly tying ones so they have a very tiny sharp point. They did the job perfectly. It came off the loom as advertised - with only 2 threads to weave in! Then I showed it to my friend's sister and she and I both show a love for rainbows, so I was compelled to finish it off with clasps right then, but which clasps? I choose these nifty snap clasps and since it was wide, I used 2 of them.

So here are 2 shots of it with the claps on it:

The Versa Loom web site

I just love it and now have all sorts of loomed ideas floating in my head!


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