Saturday, October 18, 2008

Herringbone blocked or just disliked?

Well I am coming to terms with this herringbone issue I have had... It's not the stitch specifically that I can't get. It's parts of it that I just can't like. I don't like the thread showing in the flat. You can do an odd figure 8ish turn and I don't like that either. You can put a bead with the thread and thus not have the thread showing but it puts a bead on the outside of every other row... and on the alternating rows on the opposite side... and my OCD can't grasp that not matching thing, so I can't handle that. So I decided to make tubular and that I can get a rhythm going with it until the step up. I changed to a small needle than I usually use - which is very long - and that helped a bit. Maybe I'm just never going to like this stitch. And that is ok too but at least I can do it in tubular and flat. So I think it's just a stitch I am not going to like very much.

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