Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Celini Spiral Take 1

Well I have done Dutch Spirals and Spiral ropes. I have mastered the African helix spiral and netted spirals. But Celini had avoided me or maybe it was the other way around... I have admired them but I was finally tempted ot make one when I saw one on Bead-Space.com.


It's in her photos on the last page. Here is a link directly to the pic on Beaders Showcase - I could not get a link for the bead-space one


Even though it is green and I am not a green person, I completely fell in love with it. Linda was kind enough to tell me the recipe she used and even the instructions she adapted for it, so all I needed was the right beads in shades of purple and I too could have a lovely bracelet for me! I already owned the book, so that was a bonus too.

So Celini is just peyote right? I can do peyote. So I bring scans of the pages and a print out of the recipe to with me on the trip. I don't like to bring my books on trips with me. It has me start with dummy rows. I still am not sure I understand why but I tend to follow the directions the first time I do a project. I will do it my way the next time if I figure out a way to simplify it.

It has 8 colors so that messes up my nice neat 6 triangle tray on my wooden plate... First a dummy row and now this! Can I do this? hmmm

So I set out the beads on the lap table... in the car no less on my way to San Jose for Thanksgiving. So I put on the dummy row, I later realized that if they had me go though one bead more, I could have left them in. I know dummy rows are for even tension and seamless zipping the ends together. Ok - it beads up nice. About 8 rows in the fireline cut into my skin where I pulled on it, so I put a bandaide on. It finally is starting to look like something that might resemble the picture. In the evenings I have been beading a little on it every day. It's about 2 inches mong now. It sure is slow going. I might have it done for Easter! LOL

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