Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Designers Guide to Color - BOOKS 1 & 2

I'm exploring colors for my dragons and dragon earrings.  I have a set of 5 books that are nothing but COLOR inspiration. 
These books are available used pretty cheap on Amazon. 
I completed my set with books 4 & 5 last week. 
I get into ruts of my happy colors.  Purple, Blue and Green (especially Teal Green)
 nothing but pages and pages of color combinations
 So book one looks like this
This book has mostly 2 color combinations
but is has a few 3 color combinations and
I have already beaded dragon earrings from them
and I plan to make a dragon from this
color combo in the bottom right corner
This is book 2
It has lots of 3 color combos
 and some 2 color combos
lots of combos I would never put together myself
but are very nice
 I am not into the pastel colors
 but bright vivid colors are my fave
 Time to get back to my beading
I hope you go looking for color on your own
I have gone to fabric web sights and gotten inspiration
I used a 3 color parachute cord to get a combo so I went looking for more multi color inspiration
Where do you get your color inspiration?

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