Thursday, September 17, 2015

I'm beginning a journey about color and how to put colors together - join me!

A little back story....  In July 2015, I started dreaming about a dragon necklace.  It would be 3D and it's feet would stick out...  And I made one.   It turned out pretty cool.

Then I made one that showed the colors better so I could make a pattern

Which can be found in my Etsy shop

Well then I started making them and naming them - playing with colors

And then my cousin dreamed about my dragon only as an earring.

and that night I came home to make this pattern

I was wanting to play out of my color comfort zone so I dug out these cool books on color

And I opened them to find color combinations

and I made these
And then these
made these

So I used books on color to come up with theses

I looked some other places to get color inspiration like at the striped parachute cord at the bead store I work at.  I picked pink, olivine and grey out from one of those. 

You can search for things like quilt squares or quilt fabrics to get inspiration.  Most of you can probably open your closet and find all kinds of combos in there.

So I'm going to try to document a journey on color inspiration

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