Monday, October 08, 2012

Galvanized fear no more!

When I started beading, beads that I had access to came in tiny square boxes from Gick or they were hanks of Czech seed beads hanging on hooks in the closest bead shop and I had to get a ride to go there.  I fell in LOVE with these pretty galvanized purple beads that were like purple CHROME! Soooo shiney!  My love was soon speared through the heart as I came to know these beads for the loss of color that happened when I beaded with them or when the piece was worn, the chrome color came off and it didn't always leave a very nice bead below it...  So I lost my love for those beads and moved on. 

Forward 20 years and we have now available to us, PERMANENT GALVANIZED BEADS!!!  I have a few tubes but I find myself holding back because of experiences passed....  So as I gathered beads to make netted pumpkin earrings I grabbed galvanized ORANGE and knowing I would need to stiffen it with fingernail polish, one of the very worst ways to see a bead lose it's color, I beaded them up first.  They are a little smaller than a 50 cent piece and so shiney! 

The pattern is available in my Etsy shop here:

I will get over the fear by using them.  It's nice to have such a cool bead shop here in Redding to teach at.  The Beadman carries so many of the newest colors and styles of seed beads, and they get more all the time.

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