Sunday, October 07, 2012

When the Design goes where it wants to go...

So I had 2 doilies come out pretty much the way I intended them to go from inception to completion and then the 3rd one did what it wanted to do.  I knew it, but I have had to show it to a few other people to confirm the fact....  I designed what I wanted to be a Christmas Tree doily with a wreath in the center. 

So there you have it - 8 Christmas Trees in the
snow and a small wreath in the center. 
And no matter how I tried,
all I kept seeing were


And so does everyone else....  you know you do too...

So I went back to the mock up and colored it in silver...

So now I have to make one with bells -
take photos of the steps so I can do
So after the livingroom rearrange -
it's on the list of things to bead -
AFTER a pair of earrings for a customer
AND 3 pair of netted pumpkin earrings
AND maybe a brick pair of Pumpkins in delicas. 
Lofty goals, I better get moving!

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