Monday, September 14, 2009

WEEK ONE: A Netting Primer by Vicki Star

Well here is my first entry in a possibly 180+ week project.

I decided to pick a netting book because it's my favorite stitch. I know I picked a book many of you won't have and is not available anymore but it's one of my favorite books on Netting. Unfortunately most of my favorite netting books are either internationally produced or are out of production. The book I choose to begin with is A Netting Primer by Vicki Star. This is one of a series published by Vicki Star and Jeanette Cook called "Beady Eyed Women's Guide to Exquisite Beadwork"

This book was published in 1994 by Vicki Star - her current web site is:

Interesting detail to note is that this book was written and illustrated on a Macintosh Color Classic Computer. I also know from other books in the series that they used Super Paint which is the same program I used when I first started diagramming bead patterns out.

The project I'm going to make from this book is the Netted Earring with Crystals that is circled on the back cover.

This series of books were not fancy but they sure did have lots of good information in the books. The only color photos are the front and back covers. The project on the front cover is NOT drawn out step by step in the book but with the skills you learn in the book, you can create that project.

This book has lots of good descriptive text and several clear black and white illustrations. In this book you will cover many different types of netting. The earrings I'm going to make are tubular netting and are described in the book but not broken down step by step. Books like this one teach you the basics and then encourage you to take the knowledge and create things on your own. Sort of indipendant study for beaders.

So hopefully tonight, I will get started on these lovely earrings. I am seeing some kind of spiral incorporated into them.

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Carol said...

Hi Pam

This is just an awesome project. So often I see a book, even out of print, that I wonder if they would be worthy of my limited funds. I will enjoy following along with you. Thanks.