Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week Three: The Arts & Elegance of Beadweaving

Well the book was decided upon. It's gonna be The Art & Elegance of Beadweaving by Carol Wilcox Wells. I'm making Lace Net Beads. Project from the book to the left. It called for a 14mm wooden beads but of all the things they do have at The BeadmQan, they did not have 14mm wooden beads. Neither did Joanne's where I got no service when I asked for some, but that's for another blog post! lol It also called for 3mm & 4mm metal beads and size 15 seed beads which I LOVE!!!

So I ended up with black glass 14mm beads. I know that's gonna make for some heavy beaded beads but it's all I could find the right size! I'm using round copper beads for the 3mm & 4mm and a teal iris size 15 seed bead.

We shall see what happens! Off to bead!

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