Monday, September 28, 2009


IT'S DONE!!!!!

Just one day late. Not too horrible considering the "stuff" going on in my life right now. Mom will be gone 2 months tomorrow and I'm going to get out of the house this time. Last month I became a hermit for 3 days on the 2 month date and it was a very bad thing. I have a close circle of friends that keep watch on me. They come bead on Sunday nights. We chat and eat and or drink while we bead. I finished the necklace part last night. Tonight I plugged away to get the tassels completed and I'm not sorry I did. I am VERY happy with how this necklace came out. From a Japanese book I used Czech size 9/0 3-cut beads in colors very much outside of my comfort zone. Mom would have loved this necklace. It is totally in her colors. She LOVED red.

And I have picked the book I think... Well it's between 2 books and I'm leaning in one direction but I teeter... lol

I should know by tomorrow which book and which project I am going to make.
Nighty night!

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