Sunday, September 20, 2009

WEEK TWO: project in the works

Well it's no secret that I love and prefer Japanese seed beads. I love them but there are a couple exceptions where Czech seed beads are concerned. Charlottes and 3-Cuts are the exceptions to that rule.

3 Cuts are the exception with tiny facets on all sides. a 3 cut is a bead that is cut on top and bottom as well as on the sides. A charlotte is a bead that is cut top and bottom then tumbled to be smooth and round then a single facet is cut into on side of each bead. A true charlotte is a size 13. Recently I was helping at the local bead shop where I teach and I got a couple colors given to me added to the few colors I already had in my collection. I needed 4 rows so colors.

So I think it's appropriate that I'm making project for week 2 out of a Japanese bead book and I'm using size 9/0 3-cuts. Not only not Japanese seed beads but WAY out of my comfort zone color wise! YELLOW - ORANGE - RED - BURGANDY!!! What am I thinking???? I'm thinking it's gonna be a whole bunch of sparkle!!!!

So here is what the plate looked at for the first row... I'm not seeing any purple... no blue either. No teal. Nothing to make my eyes happy except for the sparkle.

Stringing the first row.... sparkle is here and I am liking that

Even if there is no purple.

Ok - Strung the first row on to the next one. This is Ogalala stitch. My first article published was using this stitch, so that is also my comfort zone even if there is no purple here. lol

I have an order for Dutch Spiral earrings so it might be a day or two before I post here again. I might post a pic of the earrings though. I'm gonna like them myself when I'm done.

Have a great week! I have a beaded bead swap due soon, so I am guessing next weeks book will be about beaded beads! LOL

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