Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WEEK ONE: Progress on project

Well I started the earring... The picture is pretty clear as are the text directions that would get a person to that end result. It's tubular netting and the basics of it are diagrammed on the page. The earring is described and based on the technique taught on this page most beaders can get to an end result that will make them happy.

Here is a VERY small picture of that very page - reduced and slightly out of focus for copyright purposes:
In the PURPLE section is the basics of tubular netting. Good clear diagrams and plenty of text in the not circled area to get you through a few variations. Then in the BLUE box, is the basics of this earring. It called for crystals as the point bead on each row but I was not happy with that. I used 3mm fire polish on each section with size 11 seed beads the first try. I didn't like how it bowed out so I switched to size 15's and the 3mm fire polish on every other row. I came up with an earring base I can be happy with, now all I have to do is decide on the fringe. I think I have decided not to use bugle beads but I'm not certain yet. Check back tomorrow! Today is Smokey's 10th Birthday (little brother in canine form) So a perfect day for him involves a trip to the groomer for a bath and blow dry then off to Petco for some goodies!

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Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Smokey.
I love dogs too. I am always telling my grandkids "I love you more than Jack". They know how much that is, because Jack is my Boxador.